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Since 1999 a very special Motorshow has been run for the people of Eastbourne, on behalf of the EFMDA.  Each July, hundreds of brand new cars, motorbikes, motorhomes and commercial vehicles descend on Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne, for a weekend of fun, sunshine and the serious business of car buying.

Over the years the show has seen six different hosts, all TV motoring presenters with plenty of knowledge and experience.  First up was Chris Goffey (ex-Top Gear) from 1999-2001, then Tiff Needell in 2002.  For 2003 and 2004 Richard Hammond took the reigns, followed by James May from 2005-2007.  2008 saw 'Wheeler Dealer' Mike Brewer take over for two years followed by Jason Dawe (Used car Roadshow and ex-Top Gear) in 2010.

The largest show of its kind in the South East



Eastbourne Motorshow News


16th September 2011

The latest edition of the Motorshow e-newsletter is available to download here.


4th July 2011

Just a quick reminder that the Eastbourne Motorshow will not be taking place this year, but will return in the near future.

If you would like to receive a notification when the show returns, please submit your email address in the box on the home page.


6th June 2011

The latest edition of the Motorshow e-newsletter is available to download here.


19th January 2011

Motorshow Events have announced that the Eastbourne Motorshow will be taking a break for 2011, but will be back. 



2nd January 2011

The Eastbourne Motorshow now has its own Facebook page, with photos of previous shows, up-to-date news and discussion boards.



The recession continues, but the motorshow bucks the trend with a record 26 different manufacturers on display.  Jason Dawe takes over as show host, to the delight of visitors and exhibitors.  Friday-Ad sponsor the show for the seventh year with a great promotional campaign.

Show host: Jason Dawe



Despite the world-wide recession, the Eastbourne Motorshow not only continues, but is the only one of its kind the UK in 2009.  Several regular exhibitors are missing from the show as companies close.  However, exhibitors record their best ever quality of enquiries and

vehicle numbers sold.

Show host: Mike Brewer



The EFMDA make a joint decision to choose ‘wheeler dealer’ Mike Brewer as the new show host.  Digital marketing really takes off for the event this year, with email marketing,

e-newsletters and the website.  12,100 visitors attend the 10th anniversary event.

Show host: Mike Brewer



The ninth Eastbourne Motorshow brought some unexpected sunshine and record numbers of visitors: over 13,000 in total!  Eastbourne & RAM Motor Club and the Electric Car Club displayed for the first time and proved a hit with the public.

Show host: James May



A staggering 12,000 people visit the show:

double the amount from 1999 and eight times as many as the last Wintergarden motorshow.  The Friday-Ad and Royal Mail Door-to-Door leaflet campaign both worked exceptionally well and the weekend itself was scorching.  Second mention on BBC2’s Top Gear! 

Show host: James May



Friday-Ad sponsor the show for a second year.  After a lot of persuading, the EFMDA Motorshow Committee decide to opt for Top Gear’s little-known ‘third man’: James May as show host.  James proves to be a huge hit with the visitors and EFMDA members.  Visitor numbers rise to 10,800.

Show host: James May



Having searched for a suitable sponsor since 1999, Friday-Ad step in with a proposal of a marketing campaign within seven of their local titles and a cash sum.  As a result of their campaign, visitor numbers increase dramatically.  The show is now an established part of the Eastbourne summer and is the largest outdoor show of its kind in the UK.  The show is also mentioned on BBC2’s Top Gear for the first time!

Show host: Richard Hammond



The year of the hamster.  The EFMDA Motorshow Committee decide on Richard Hammond as the new show host and consequently see quality enquiries at the show soar.  Visitors number around 8,500 at this stage.

Show host: Richard Hammond



By 2002 the show had grown in size and relocated to the current site in front of Park College.  This gave additional exhibition space along with badly-needed extra parking.  2002 also brought a change of host in the form of Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell.

Show host: Tiff Needell



By 2001 the Eastbourne Motorshow had established itself as a regular on the summer events calendar and attracted around 7,200

visitors.  Show host Chris Goffey arrived with a broken neck but like a true professional the show went on, despite thunderstorms on the Sunday! 

Show host: Chris Goffey



Year two of the show saw both visitor and exhibitor numbers grow.  The EFMDA used market research from year one of the event, to improve the show, including introducing more new car cavalcades in the main arena.  Part of the hospital car park was used for trade stands.

Show host: Chris Goffey



New show launched at Sussex Downs and Park College.  First outdoor motorshow in Eastbourne.  Motorshow was held on the football pitches next to the hospital, more recently used for show parking.  Sally Attfield from Ridleys Volvo played a big part in assisting Paula with the set-up of the event and was chairman of the first Motorshow Committee.  Attendance was around 6,000.

Show host: Chris Goffey


The Eastbourne Motorshow is run on behalf of the Eastbourne Franchised Motor Dealers Association (E.F.M.D.A.)


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